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British Guides in Foreign Countries - The Big Give Winners

Winners: 1st KL Rainbows, 7th Singapore TK Brownies, 2nd Baku Guides,

1st Kuwait Senior Section, Sharjah District.

Runners Up: 2nd Toulouse Rainbows, 1st Sotogrande Rainbows, 2nd Toulouse Brownies, 2nd Bahrain Brownies, Toulouse Guides, 1st Seria Guides, Sennelager Rainbows Brownies Guides.

Well done to the winners and thank you to all the BGIFC Units for taking part!

1st KL rainbows report.pdf 1st Sotogrande Rainbows Big Give 2015 2 of 2.doc 2nd Baku Guides report.pdf guides diary -1st Seria Guides, West Brunei.doc 1st Kuwait Senior Section report.doc My Song 17.m4a